We provide different career opportunities to our employees with practices such as promoting, transfer and change of position in accordance with their behavior that make a difference and their successful results.

General Application

We intend to establish a long term, efficient and effective “win-win” relationship for both the candidate and our company by conducting a recruitment process that matches the philosophy of “correct person for correct job”. Common qualifications that are required for all positions can be identified as a successful educational background, fluency in foreign languages and advanced social capabilities.

How will I Improve Myself?

We apply “Leadership and Development Programs” to improve the experts, managers and prospective experts and managers at all levels excluding those in the standard training programs and support the development of our employees.

How can I make a Difference?

We create development and training plans to ascertain the potentials of our employees by evaluating them with the interviews made once a year with our Performance Evaluation System.

This way, we have the opportunity to compare both their technical and personal competence targets with their current performances and give feedback about these subjects.